There are many Moussallam's out there. Here's a non-exhaustive list of some of them:

Bachir Moussallam, Senior Researcher at CNRS and Université Paris-Sud

Fady Moussallam, Computer Scientist and Managing director of Legsem

Manuel Moussallam, Researcher in Computer Science and Signal Processing

Mathilde Moussallam, Teacher at ecole Jean Vilar

May Moussallam, Doctor of pathological anatomy and cytology

Nadim Moussallam, Engineer, Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics

Yves Moussallam, PhD in Geology

Some of us participate in the menu planner Menumouss.

If the one you were looking for (or yourself) is missing, feel free to contact me (postmaster - at - moussallam - dot -net ).